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Shazam Unveils New Music Content, Discovery, and In-App Listening Experience

Press Release   •   Dec 10, 2014 08:00 EST Re-Launched to Include Hall of Fame and Shazam Counts


New York, December 10, 2014 – Shazam® today announced an all-new experience that builds on the magic of Shazam to provide more immersive music discovery and uninterrupted listening. This announcement is the first of many exciting feature updates that will revolutionize the way that users interact with Shazam to more deeply connect to their music world.

“We want Shazam to continue to serve as a destination for music fans, increasingly becoming the center of their music world,” said Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer, Shazam. “For years Shazam has identified music with just one tap. Now it’s just as easy to open Shazam and tap once to discover and listen to great music.”

Today’s update revamps Shazam’s mobile apps and launches a brand new

  • New App Experience – Shazam welcomes users with personalized music news and real time trending songs from your friends and artists you have previously Shazamed as well as exclusive Shazam Sessions, interviews and more. Users can also check out Shazam’s expanded charts, which visualize rising hits across genres and countries worldwide.
  • Music player – Rapidly surf the Shazam charts, from what’s trending right now to what’s popular in your city, quickly identifying, rating and saving the tracks you want to hear again. Shazam users who subscribe to premium streaming music services (including Rdio and now Spotify) can listen to their curated playlists and top charts in their full, uninterrupted glory.
  • Spotify integration – subscribers can connect to Spotify to listen to full tracks right from Shazam, have all their Shazams automatically added to a Spotify playlist, or choose a specific playlist to add tracks to. The service is available immediately for Spotify subscribers using iOS. Android users will have the functionality in the coming weeks.
  • Shazam also partnered with Rdio to launch this same functionality earlier this year on both iOS and Android.
  • Hall of Fame – now on, the Hall of Fame celebrates artists who have had outstanding success on Shazam, with 4 artists whose tracks have already gone Platinum with over 15 million Shazams
  • Shazam Counts – for the first time, Shazam now publishes the number of Shazams each track has had on

Discover and Listen

Shazam’s over 100 million mobile monthly active users now have the power to listen to charts and playlists without leaving Shazam. Tapping “Play All” under Trending Shazams, Top Charts, Recommendations, and previous Shazams opens the new Shazam music player. Users can “swipe right” to save songs they love in My Shazam or “swipe left” to move on to the next track, with full-song listening for Spotify and Rdio subscribers.

Streaming Partners

Shazam users who subscribe to Spotify and Rdio can listen to full songs without ever having to leave the app. This now gives streaming subscribers the ability to listen to their recent Shazams and top charts in full. Also, any track connected users Shazam is automatically added to a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist in Spotify or Rdio.

Shazam Hall of Fame

Shazam is celebrating artists who have achieved outstanding success on Shazam. The new presents the Shazam Hall of Fame.

Tracks are ranked in Platinum, Gold or Silver categories, having surpassed 15, 10 or 5 million Shazams respectively. As of today, the Shazam Platinum artists include:

  • Avicii for Wake Me Up
  • Gotye for Somebody That I Used to Know
  • Robin Thicke (feat T.I. & Pharrell) for Blurred Lines
  • Passenger for Let Her Go

"I'm honored to be the No.1 Platinum artist in Shazam's new Hall of Fame and that so many people wanted to know more about ‘Wake Me Up,’” said Avicii. “Shazam connected me with music fans globally before they even knew they were my fans!!!”

"I’m honored that Shazamers took the time to find out about my song and make it one of the most Shazamed songs of all time,” said Robin Thicke. “So thankful to be part of the Platinum Hall of Fame.”

"It's wonderful to be inducted into the Shazam Hall of Fame,” said Passenger. “What I love about this most is that it's decided by real music fans wanting to find out more about artists."

The Platinum Hall of Fame honorees will receive a custom award designed and manufactured exclusively by Cristaux ( 

To see the full list of tracks in the Shazam Hall of Fame, visit

Real-time music data

For the first time, Shazam is publishing the number of times each track has been Shazamed. Fans and artists can now get a real-time view of each track’s success. Shazam metrics have been used by the music industry for years to guide radio playlists and music promotion; now Shazam is making counts available for all to see.

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by hundreds of millions of people globally to connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores -- and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has exceeded 20 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. For more information on how Shazam has created new technology tools for brands to utilize data visit