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Ok Google, Shazam This Tune: Shazam and Google Provide Android Users With Hands-Free Music Discovery

Press Release   •   Apr 30, 2015 13:12 EDT

Shazam-Google partnership expands with Google’s recognition of “Shazam” as a command in Android

New York, April 30, 2015 – Android users who want to find out the name of a song or artist can simply ask their mobile phones to Shazam it, thanks to an integration announced today that enables music discovery via Google voice actions. Available on Android devices with the Shazam app installed, Google voice actions provides users with the ability to identify music using voice commands, eliminating the need to pull out a phone and open the app manually.

Additionally, as part of this latest Google/Shazam partnership, Android recognizes “Shazam” as a command within the Android operating system. Now, when users ask their devices to “Shazam,” “recognize,” or “name” a “song,” “track,” or “tune,” the Shazam app will launch, and the song can be saved to a playlist for later listening. Users will also continue to enjoy other Shazam features including access to song lyrics and music videos.

“At Shazam, we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible to connect with the world around you,” said Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer, Shazam. “The only thing easier than tapping a button is not having to tap a button at all. Using Shazam with Google voice actions changes the game by making this process literally hands free, so people can identify and enjoy great music no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.”

Google voice action-enabled Shazam is the latest in a series of integrations that also include Now cards in the Google app and Google Play. Now cards provide Android users with automatic Shazam updates through the Google Now feed. The Google Play integration makes it easier to play and buy music that users have discovered with the app, allowing direct purchasing from the online store. Users with a Google Play All Access subscription can also instantly stream Shazamed songs right from the app. Shazam is a top-rated app in the Google Play store, and one of the 25 most consistently used apps worldwide.

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