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New Lyrics, Video and Sharing Experience in Shazam Update

Press Release   •   Mar 28, 2014 13:45 EDT

New York and London – 28 March 2014 – Shazam® today unveiled the next phase of its app redesign, including improved sharing, a better lyrics experience, and more stylish album and track reviews, bio information, and discography. 

Shazam is rolling out the new look over the coming months, giving users an improved experience for music and television results with easy access to previewing, buying, and sharing their dicoveries.  Since it started the update in February, Shazam has seen:

  • a 15% increase in interaction with videos,
  • a 50% increase in views of lyrics, and
  • a 10% increase in the number of times a discovery is shared.

This month’s update includes:

  • An improved integration of the social sharing options, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and Pinterest;
  • A great new lyrics experience that start streaming on the track page so that fans can immediately see words to the songs in time with the music;
  • The official video is offered on the track page so fans can instantly watch their favorite acts;
  • Redesigned album and track review pages; and,
  • More engaging biographies and discographies, making it easy to go from discovering a great track to learning about and experiencing more from the band.

Plus, Shazam has also updated its streaming options:

  • Rdio users will now be able to add any track featured in Shazam – whether a user Shazamed the song or found it in Pulse – directly to any of their Rdio playlists; and,
  • Shazam users in the UK, Germany, Mexico and Brazil will now be able to listen to their Shazamed tracks on Deezer.

Shazam has also added new features “under the hood” that improves the audio recognition rate even more, making it even better at identifying the media playing around you.  Other developments include battery enhancements for people who use Auto, reducing consumption to <5% per hour.

The new redesign launches first in iOS with Android to follow in a couple of weeks.

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