For the First Time, See What Artists Are Discovering In Shazam

Press Releases   •   Jun 30, 2015 04:59 BST

Starting today, fans can share in the thrill of music discovery with artists they love. Shazam users can now follow top artists like Pitbull, Calvin Harris, Meghan Trainor, Avicii, Jason Derulo, Coldplay and others to see what they’re Shazaming. This gives fans a unique view into the moments when the world’s biggest hit-makers discover music that inspires them.


Shazam Announces Appointment of Rob Krolik to Company Board of Directors

Press Releases   •   Jun 10, 2015 14:12 BST

Shazam today announced that Rob Krolik, CFO of Yelp, the company that connects consumers with great local businesses, has joined the Shazam Board as an independent member and Chair of the Audit Committee. Mr. Krolik has more than 20 years of consumer market and public company experience, including several senior roles at eBay, and other leading online properties.


Shazam Introduces Visual Recognition Capabilities, Opening Up A New World Of Shazamable Content

Press Releases   •   May 28, 2015 11:08 BST

Shazam announced the introduction of visual recognition, new functionality that extends the company’s mobile engagement platform to create a world where everything from posters, to packaged goods, to print media, and more are transformed from static images into dynamic pieces of content. The company also announced a series of partnerships with leading brands around the world.


Ok Google, Shazam This Tune: Shazam and Google Provide Android Users With Hands-Free Music Discovery

Press Releases   •   Apr 30, 2015 18:12 BST

Android users who want to find out the name of a song or artist can simply ask their mobile phones to Shazam it, thanks to an integration announced today that enables music discovery via Google voice actions. Available on Android devices with the Shazam app installed, Google voice actions provides users with the ability to identify music using voice commands.


Shazam Announces $30 Million Investment at $1 Billion Valuation

Press Releases   •   Jan 21, 2015 01:59 GMT

Shazam® today announced it has closed a $30 million investment valuing the company at over $1 billion. The funding will support Shazam’s continued evolution and rapid growth following a year of user milestones, increased service capabilities and expansion into new market sectors.


Shazam and Audience Entertainment Partner on Motion-Interactive Content

Press Releases   •   Jan 14, 2015 14:00 GMT

Shazam® and Audience Entertainment today announced a partnership to bring motion-sensitive advertisements to Shazam-enabled screens in locations including concert venues, sports arenas and shopping malls. The partnership will offer new, extended content opportunities to Shazam users.


Shazam and Gimbal Inc. Partner to Expand Beacon-Powered Mobile Marketing Engagement

Press Releases   •   Jan 12, 2015 14:00 GMT

Shazam® and Gimbal, Inc. today announced a partnership to expand opportunities for brands, advertisers and media owners to offer a more personalized experience for Shazam users, through beacon technology. The partnership includes the incorporation of the Gimbal SDK into the Shazam mobile app, which has over 500 million downloads and more than 100 million monthly active users.


Shazam Upgrades Windows Phone App

Press Releases   •   Dec 16, 2014 16:00 GMT

Shazam® today launched a major update to its Windows Phone app, featuring an interface designed specifically for Windows 8.1, improved music recognition, new track pages, additional tagging functionality and Cortana support.


Shazam and Digimarc Partner to Enable Comprehensive Content Discovery Everywhere

Press Releases   •   Dec 15, 2014 15:21 GMT

Shazam® and Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) have entered into a product and marketing agreement to dramatically expand the markets for both companies’ platforms. The collaboration will include adding Digimarc print and audio identification to the Shazam mobile app which has over 500 million downloads and more than 100 million mobile monthly active users.


Shazam Unveils New Music Content, Discovery, and In-App Listening Experience

Press Releases   •   Dec 10, 2014 13:00 GMT

Shazam® today announced an all-new experience that builds on the magic of Shazam to provide more immersive music discovery and uninterrupted listening. This announcement is the first of many exciting feature updates that will revolutionize the way that users interact with Shazam to more deeply connect to their music world.

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About Shazam

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the world's most popular mobile apps that magically connects people to the world around them. Shazam pioneered audio recognition technology that helps people identify music and has grown into a service that effortlessly connects people with artists, TV shows, ads, cinema, radio and retail environments. Shazam has over 100 million monthly mobile active users. For further information about Shazam Entertainment Limited visit and or @Shazam.

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